Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Words of Wisdom from a 3 year old

Being off of work has left me open to talk to my kids more, and pay attention to what they have to say. My day usually begins around 7:30-8:00am, and ends at 3:00am-4:00am. But right now I am on medical leave until Sunday, and this is just conversations I had with my kids yesterday. It's crazy. I think all 3 year olds think they know everything. Bee certainly does and it's so cute. 

Me: Bee, wait... I need to find my cell phone.
Bee: You should put it where you can remember it, that way you won't have to look. That's what you should do.

Bee: If you put it on the calendar, we have to do it.

Bee: When is grandpa coming over?
Me: Wednesday.... same day he comes over every week.
Bee: Grandpa will keep the sun from going down, and keep it from getting dark outside.
Me: He will?
Bee: Yes.
Me: Grandpa is awesome, can he do that every day?
Bee: No, he only do's it for me.
Me: Oh.
Bee: Yeah, Grandpa love us.

Me: Do you kids just like to argue with each other?
Them: No, we don't.
Me: So why do it?
Bee: That's what kids do.

Bee: Mama, did you know God made everything, even kids? I saw him do it.
Me: Bee.... how old are you?
Bee: I'm free (three), like Penny the CooCoo puppy (our dog).
Me: Wow... you sure seem older than that.
Bee: I not, I am just smart for my age.

Bee: Mama.... I'm getting hungry.
Me: You're always getting hungry.
Bee: Kids got to grow. I am growing. See?

There's more... I just can't remember them all. It just seems like my Bee is a big book of wisdom right now. It's funny. Sometimes, bust out laughing funny even though I know she's being as serious as she can be. Both girls are doing so great right now. Bug is trying to hard to read and succeeding in some cases. She's doing well in school and it seems like that's her only goal she has for herself right now, is to do well and please her teachers. I will post pics soon... they've just grown up so much in the last 11 months. When I look back at pics we took the beginning of this year, both girls are just so different. It really makes you see just how fast time flies after you have kids. And it makes you realize all the things you'll miss later. One thing I will really miss, is the sisterly bond they both share right now. They argue a lot, but they are also partners in crime, best friends, and true sisters. Poor Bee, whenever we go to pick up Bug from school she ends up falling asleep in the car. Bug gets in, and we get home. Bug will get out of our mini van and go in the garage while I attempt to get Bee out of the car. Bee will wake up and break down crying because we're in the driveway and she doesn't see her sister so she thinks we left her at school. It's hilarious to see her break down, then Bug will run up to her and tell her that it's okay... shes here for her. It's just plain sweet sometimes. Chaos, mayhem and all that will be back in a few days when I'm working again.... this was a wonderful little break for our family.

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Holly Schwendiman said...

They certainly do know everything!! I love bee's words of wisdom. Hope you're heading home today and that the storm clouds are clearing to make way for a beautiful rainbow. :D



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