Thursday, May 10, 2007

So much to say but can't decide on one topic. One day I was going to rant about health insurance. Obviously, I don't have any. And as a diabetic, I can't afford it either. Between the monthly payments, copay, etc... IMPOSSIBLE. Then I was going to talk about Michael Moore's latest movie, which is on health care, but I forgot all the points I wanted to mention.

THEN I was going to blog about parenting, and how it's hard to parent "young ins," yes, "young ins..." I'm from NC so I'm allowed, y'all hear? But I reckon that I just forgot them there points too. I keep saying what I'm going to blog about but then I forget!

And that's why I haven't blogged in quite awhile! The hamster is on the wheel but he's just on hiatus. I am doing posts on Daddy Detective now though. The link is on my links list. Feel free to read me there until I can learn to speak my own brains language again!

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Holly Schwendiman said...

ROFL - well I can relate a little too well as I went through a little funk spell a few weeks ago. Funny how it comes and goes sometimes.



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