Monday, August 25, 2008


Bad case. I just can't sleep! Last night I couldn't hold my head up, I was in so much pain that I kept doing the head bob----- In the bathtub, brushing my teeth, etc. Tonight? I just can't fall asleep, no matter what I do. There are a few positions that I find myself in less pain all around.... that didn't even work. There has to be something I can do to go to sleep easier without the use of medication. I've tried so many things-- listening to music, not listening to music, bath, shower, no drinking before bed (except when I take my birth control! A necessary drink!), no eating.... Nothing is working. I'm a mess. I need sleep. 4am right now.

Daddy D has been back at work for a week now. Chaos has ensued with the girls wanting daddy. We've curved it a little bit by shopping for their halloween costumes. This year I have Cinderella and Belle. We got them from the Disney store. They're adorable.... Why don't I run in tangents today?

I talked to my mom. She's doing all right but having a hard time being there and dealing with all the ailments that her family has been going through. She told me one of her sisters looks like she's almost gone and she can't take it. She's the 9th child out of 10. I can't imagine having that many siblings let alone being a younger one. That's a lot of heartache to go through. She has already lost about half of them to various things that I'd rather not discuss. So it has to be hard. My Aunt just lost my uncle and I'm sure she's sad about that and feeling the loss of my dad all over again. It hurts to know she's not happy right now. I miss her so much. I should call her tonight, it's 11am there right now. But she may have already gone out for the day. I miss her, I'm so used to calling her when Daddy D is at work and now... I still can't. September 14---- Where are you?

You know, I really don't have much to blog about right now. I don't really want to talk about all the problems I'm having, or anything like that and I've lost most of my old blog links for the blogs I used to read. I need to find more blogs to read! I need more blog friends, I think. I guess I'll need to find a way to slow the rotation of the earth just a little bit to give an extra hour in the day to find some blog friends----- *sigh* Anyone have an idea on how to accomplish that?

I'm done rambling.

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Holly Schwendiman said...

I've had a hard time falling asleep the last couple nights too. I've had to work hard to clear my head and shut the old brain down!



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