Monday, December 07, 2009

Can't sleep...nervous!

Ok, so at 7:30am (it's now 10 minutes to 4am.) I'll be having my consultation for the insulin pump. I have so many questions that I've been trying to research online or get some answers from people who have pumps. I know a lot about them, but apparently, in the last few hours I've realized that I don't know everything about them. Like, I want to know what kind of needle I'd use. How many different RX's do I need to have an insulin pump. Aside from the pump and the insulin I can think of.... (catheter, needle, tube, cap...) 4 other pieces that go with it.  I shouldn't let that sway me. I have great insurance right now, and no deductible. One question no one has thought to answer is: How badly does that hurt? Taking insulin hurt the first few thousand times I took it with a syringe, but it got better. Is that the case with site changes?  Guess I should go write these down on real paper instead of my blog web paper.

I'm going to ramble now: I called Romp N Roll and got it  booked and paid for so no one else could take that slot. They said I could decorate her party room myself if I wanted.  So we're still going with the Ariel theme. There will be a several boys there so I told Bug that she could pick the favor bags for the boys. She picked pirates. But I'm not sure Party City has the complete set that I'm looking for.  She was OBSESSED with captain hook and always watching Peter Pan right before she turned four. That's what she picked for her 4th birthday. After, asking her hundreds of times if she was sure... she changed her mind the week before her birthday party. We were supposed to have it that weekend, but it didn't end up happening. Otherwise, she may not have had doubts. Anyway, the point is... she's kind of going back to it a little bit. I hear her telling her Cinderella doll during quiet time that if she doesn't take a nap, she's going to make her Walk the Plank! (Oh no!) Anyway, if party city doesn't have the pirates, which would almost be convenient, because it's Disney too, I think we'll have to do SpongeBob to keep with the under the sea thing going on with Ariel. Do boys like sponge bob? This is why I am against the whole girls having themes that are for boys. Either way, boys won't be going home with Ariel treat  bags. I'm glad Bee doesn't really like pirates. It's not something I think too much of for girls. Hopefully she'll stick with the girlie parties. I started letting both of them pick their own party theme at age 3 as a birthday present to them, they get one decision to make a year.  I just love party planning, no matter what the theme is. And I've been talking to the ladies that will be doing Bee's party, and it seems like they have a mix of things for both boys and girls. So, I'd like to keep it that way in the party. The only thing the boys will have to deal with is eating an Ariel cake. It won't be too girly, Prince Eric and King Triton will be on the cake.
 It seems like I'm getting a lot more than I am paying for. Especially, since each child who goes gets a coupon for a free class.  I've hired one of my friends that does the girls pictures sometimes to take pictures at Jena's party so I don't even have to bring my camera. I can't wait to see the look on my Bee's face! Can it be January... now?

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Holly Schwendiman said...

I'm anxious to hear what you learn about the pump. The girl's birthdays sound like whirlwind of fun and busy planning! It will be fun to see how they turn out. :)



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