Thursday, December 03, 2009

What's to come in the next month? :) Long update for the month.

December is a busy month. As my best friend of 17 years, closes her 8 weeks with us this coming Sunday, my mom will come to fill in the position. We're sad that my best friend is leaving (We'll call her 'Ant Cici," because she might as well be the bugs "aunt," and she's definitely earned the honorary bug title.),  but we're excited to have the girls spend so much time with their  Tetta (grandma in arabic).  We also celebrate our 4 year anniversary on the 17th.  Married 4 years.... together almost 7... doesn't feel as long as it sounds. We've had our ups and downs but always end up stonger for it.  So anyway.... This is my long monthly update since we'll be focusing on all the stuff I'm about to blog:

Bug had the flu (so they said, come to find out, anything with flu like symptoms, doctors are calling flu) in October.  She's had her cough since then so she has a doctor appointment this week. I'm fairly certain she'll need some type of antibiotic. Then I have a doctor appointment next week. I've decided to go ahead and take the plunge---- I am getting an insulin pump. I've been diabetic for 15 years.  I still haven't really been able to find away to have multiple blood sugar checks, and multiple shots in my life. I can afford the insulin pump at this point, so I think it's time. I've always said I wanted a pancreas transplant... this is an external pancreas. I've met a few people recently that have them. They told me the truth... there are downsides to it. Like changing the catheter site every few days, but that's better than ending up with 10 shots a day. I won't have to time my insulin shots. I'll have a steady stream of insulin almost like using my own insulin. It's kind of upsetting--- I still MAKE insulin, but my body doesn't use it at all. Wouldn't it be nice if it would just fix itself? I had the insulin reality check when I check my blood glucose levels and it was at 425, fasting. My appointmet is bright and early monday morning. Yay? We'll see.....

In one month, my Bee will be three years old. We've decided that we don't feel like having friends and family over for a birthday party at our house. I booked us a few hours at Romp N Roll for her, for up to 24 kids!  Romp N Roll is a gym for kids age 1-7.  We have the place for those two hours exclusively for our party, with 2 of their staff assisting with fun and games.  They have •Inflatable Moon Bounce, Rock Wall, Trapeze, Monkey Bars, Bubble Machine, and Disco Ball as well as slides, tunnels, and other gym equipment. It's not very expensive and all the kids we invite get a coupon for a free class. So, I'm inviting some of the children of parents I work with, and some of the children at their school. I'm hoping my niece and nephew will be able to make it. It will be on a Sunday, so I'm not sure how travel would work for them since my niece will have school monday. That should get me to 24 kids. They're very flexible, and easy to work with. I can bring any type of food I want, even us the decorations that I already bought. They usually provide these, but we can still use them on an access basis. I hadn't bought utensils yet, and now I don't have to!  Best of all--- NO CLEAN UP FOR US! :)

So, back to the first thought of that paragraph. My baby is turning 3! It's so exciting. Redmosqui and I even noticed that even in getting a big girl bed she's grown up that much more because of it.  She was sleeping in a toddler bed that was a crib. But now she had a lovely twin bed with bookcase.  She loves it too! We're going to put the changing table on craigslist, but Redmosqui and Tetta suggested we keep the crib. So, we took it apart and put it away. Bug, also got a new headboard. We're waiting for it to be delivered. We took her into her room and I told her we wanted to get her some things but she had to get rid of her big, MOST beloved Tinkerbell tent. It was used as a play zone in her play room. She kept a lot of things in there. (the making of a clutter bug, so I thought.) I told her she couldn't keep it anymore, expected lots of tears, and expected not to be able to get her the new stuff. After a minute of thinking, she said she'd take it apart and we could throw it away. So much for  trying to get out of spending money! Shopping is bug and bee's favorite so it's okay. My girls are growing up! :)

Last but not least, my job..... I like it. A lot. Sales is definitely where I need to be. I'm good at it. And there is a lot of money in this position. I plan on making as much as I can so we can stay debt free. Well, credit card debt free. We've given up so much of our lives. We don't go to movies, but once or may be at most 2 times a year. We don't buy high-end things. We'd rather shop with the masses at Walmart to save money. This job is what I needed.  It's also what I do very well. I've never been one to sit around and let my husband make all the money to pay all the bills. Where I was working before, I was barely getting paid anything at all due to outsourcing. Now, I'm getting paid a lot more.  I like my pay check enough that I smile when I get paid. All this training and studing to pass licensing tests were completely worth it. There are so many people who have been at this company for over 30 years, they are flexible with families. The other place I worked at would work with you, but nothing like this. Other place gave employees 10 days of paid time off a year. I'll have 26 days. There is emergency time if you're running late that can be used in 15 minute intervals. For the new moms at the company, they even have a room where they can use a breast pump with soft seating and a private fridge. They may even (MAYBE) get on site daycare. Couldn't dream that at the other place. That was it is to me now... "The other Place." (Bartimeaus Triliogy book reference.)
Let's just say... things have fallen into place and transpired over the last month that have actually made us happier and even closer as a family. The things that have happened--- new job, family drama (my half bro is  definite case in point) have actually put more meaning into our life and taught us what/who is really worth our time, and what/who I should ignore and not really bother with. Even when talking to my mom, we found that we all have the same opinions. (Scary thought, my mom and I and Redmosqui agreed....usually we only agree to disagree.) Hopefully, I'll find some more time to blog this month.  I am going on a different schedule in a couple of weeks. So I'll be at work later, blogging may be impossible but once I finish training and start my shift.... I'll blog more frequently.


Daddy Forever said...

Wow, that does sound very buys. It also sounds like a great company to work for. I worked for a company like that once. Then I got greedy and left for a bigger pay check. Then I got laid off a year later. One of the biggest mistakes of my life.

Holly Schwendiman said...

I just love reading how things are falling into place for you. :D



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