Sunday, January 10, 2010


In lieu of some recent things I have been reading. RedMosQui and I have decided not to put any names, even just first names of our family on here. Some people will have the usual bug names, some won't have a bug name yet because it usually is something that just comes to me when we spend time with people. So some will be "Uncle A" or "Aunt A." Not more names! Sadly I only have gotten through 1 year of old posts. Little Bug is now just bug, and littlest bug of course is Bee. Geez....

So along with the blog look, I needed the post edited. I guess I just didn't realize that I have been blogging for years now. Not just on this blog, but my first blog was started in 2003. It's crazy. I never realized how long Holly's Corner, and Daddy Forever (Thanks, both of you. I appreciate you, and your blogs) have truely given me inspiration, comfort and kind words. It makes you realize the kinds of connections you have with people in the world. I started this blog, to document my trouble keeping my house clean for longer than 1 day... and look how it turned out? May-haps I will go back a little to the original idea.

Seeing as though it's 4:30am almost, I should probably try to sleep. Goodnight all!


Holly Schwendiman said...

Crazy how time flies isn't it? Not to mention where and how these types of projects take on lives of their own. So happy to get to know you!!


Daddy Forever said...

2003? Wow! When blogs first came out, I thought it was a fad. Same with Twitter. I guess I was wrong about both.


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