Wednesday, May 05, 2010

[not so] Wordless Wednesday-- My bug!


Bugs preschool graduation pictures are today so I decided to post my absolute favorite picture of us and her. This was taken by an over-priced professional in our house for her first birthday. In fact, I was only working part time then and we were so broke we had to make monthly payments on her pictures to purchase them. We had no idea what the cost was until after they came back. Anyway the photographer told us she wanted a picture of us kissing her and she'd adjust the color for us since we weren't prepared to be in pictures and it came out to be our favorite because of the expression on her face. I remember that moment and that day like it was yesterday. My girl is getting so big! Yay pushy-annoying-over-priced-photography-lady that we never hired again. :)


Dave said...

The picture and the occasion is worth every penny. I love the softness..

Geek Mom said...

Pretty family! I like this shot. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful family! :) said...

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Becky :)

Prasti said... sweet :). doesn't time just go so fast??

too bad for the surprise price on the photo sessions. on the plus side, you'll have photo memories of your little one.

Laura@SouthernPirates said...

lovely picture....worth every dime!

Dawn K. said...

Wonderful photo! The photographer really took a great shot. Happy WW!


Jennifer said...

This is beautiful!

ModernMom said...

This is so beautiful!!

Tina said...

aww that is so nice, and a keeper to be framed for sure!

Tina from
Mummy Diaries
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Anonymous said...

I always see these "wordless wednesday" posts on everyone's site and never knew it was a contest. Or something everyone participates in...cute pic. Know I

Daddy Forever said...

That is a great photo. Over-priced, yet priceless.


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