Friday, May 07, 2010

Weekly Update/Friday Follow

Oh boy it's 3am! I got home a little bit ago and am waiting for medicine to kick in. I've had a sinus infection for a week now and can't lay down until something kicks in for the coughing involved so why not write, right? :)

So, now that I have graduated and been given more responsibility at work, a raise and more income potential... I have also been given a schedule change. If I wanted to work days, I would have had the opportunity to do that but I had to go back to the hours I used to have. The starting hours anyway. So now I'm 5:00pm to 1:30am. Yes, people do call that late. Redmosqui can't believe it but it's actually pretty busy. And it's been so busy lately, I haven't be able to read anything at all. So of course, I am still getting up at about 8:00 am with the girls do start our day. I do have very long days. It's rough and exhausting but worth it. I miss reading all of the blogs on a daily basis so I took someones advice and I started my own Dysfunction of Motherhood page on Facebook and I am in the process of "Liking" all of the blogs on my Followers list that have a Facebook page so that I can have an easier time with keeping up and knowing when everyone has updated. I started one tonight while coughing up a lung or two and hope to have everyone added. Redmosqui tried to teach me about setting up RSS feeds but I am just way too tired to understand it all honestly. He's actually been educating me on them for a few weeks now. Facebook is quicker and easier. It's taking over the world, right? I just have to figure out how to get it linked onto here. I'm sure I'll forget for the next week or so!

So that's that. In other news I have something really funny to post that my daughter did at school but I can't do it until I can upload the picture. I can't upload the picture until my camera battery is charged. I need a spare camera! Mother's Day is just around the corner..... Ok, that was me daydreaming. We just dropped $440 on our AC today. Isn't that always grand? But on the upside, we did get those Lifetime filters. The ones you just clean yourself and supposedly lower your energy costs enough to pay for itself and reduce dust so after a while you never have to dust your house. If you go back to my very first post ever on here.... It was actually about dusting and my frustrations with it. So, ladies who hate dusting.... I'll let you know how these filters work. Of course I need time to clean my house and get it dust free to begin with. Too bad this company isn't paying me to review their product or do a giveaway or something like that. None-the-less, I will update about these air filters and let ya'll know if it's worth it! I for one... would be a really happy girl if I don't have to dust anymore. Especially with all of the books and collectibles we have in our house. It's a long daunting task that doesn't get done very often to be honest. One less thing to do is always welcome.

Friday Follow--- I haven't participated in Friday Follow since February... until today. :) I read and learned a lot of interesting things last time. Join the blog hop, it's fun! And you find so many great reads!

Friday Follow

Once again, it's time for another week of fun on Friday Follow. Time really flies!
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I am done for today--- Will blog again for Mother's Day!


Love comma Ashlee said...

I'm following you now and Happy Friday Follow! (=

Hope the new hours work out well!

Surviving Little People said...

Love you writing style, you poor thing you must be soo tired!! I hope you get some much needed rest on "Mothers Day"

Debbie said...

Sorry to hear you are sick with a sinus infection, those are horrible!~ Found you from the friday follow and am now following would love the same in return. Your new schedule sounds interesting, not sure I could do that, but it sounds like you have some incentive there! Happy Mothers day weekend!

Kel said...

Just visiting from Friday Follow. When you get a chance, swing by my place and check out some great giveaways! Have a great weekend!


Traci66 said...

I am here via Friday Follow and decided to follow you. I hope you will check me out. I am #113 Traci66 on Mr. Linky or I am having my first giveaway aldo, it is on my right sidebar at the top. I hope you will join in on the giveaway. I also have several more giveaways lined up. Happy Friday-Traci

Debbie said...

Hi there, I am just checking that you did not have a problem with my follow on the said you followed and it did not come up....I have had some troubles with blogger all week and I have to let them know what else is happening.....thanks:)

J Fullwood said...

Hi, I am your newest follower from follow friday, when you get a chance check out my blog.

Happy Mother's day!

Denise said...

Following you over from Friday Follow!

Stop by and enter my giveaway:

Alicia said...

So glad you started Friday Follow again! Have a great mother's day!


NorCalMom said...

Just stopping by from Friday Follow. Hope you are able to get some rest and enjoy Mother's Day!

ModernMom said...

I do hope u feel better soon!
I'm already a folower so I'll just wish u a Happy Mothers Day!

Letherton said...

Here from FF and wanted to say hi.
Take a minute an check my blog out if you haven't already.
I have lots of great giveaways going on.
Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hi! From Friday Friends Follow ;)
you can find me at!

Have a great Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

Thank YOu!! I feel so honered. I will post your button on my site as well!!! Take care, and thanks for compliment ;)

Ron Cooper said...

Following you now--No. 34. Please return the favor! I post original stories and poems on family, kindness, peace, and faith.

Love comma Ashlee said...

Hey, thanks for snagging my button! I came to get yours. (= Your layout is so cute!

Marissa O. said...

Stopping by from FF! Hope you will swing by my blogs and follow back!

Happy Mother's Day!

Truthful Mommy said...

I'm your newest follower from Friday Follow! Hope you will come check out mine!
Debi(Truthful Mommy)

joeandbridge said...

Hi there! Just poppin' in from Friday Follow to be your newest follower! Have a great weekend! Swing by my blog when you get a chance.

Bridgette Groschen
The Groschen Goblins

Alissabeth said...

Cute blog! Following from FF.


Hi, there, visiting from FF, and I am now following you from on GFC as thrifty canucks.
Please visit my blog and if you can follow me too at

Momma Teri said...

Visiting from Friday Follow.
We now follow you publicly through google friend connect. Please visit Mom to Bed by 8 and do the same.

Jessica guthrie said...

Hello! Hope you are having a wonderful Mother's day weekend! I am stopping by from Button Swap and wanted to let you know I grabbed your button! Have a Wonderful Day! and I am also a new follower!


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