Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wow, have I really not been here since Wednesday?

For some reason, it seemed like I was away longer than that. Of course, I've been busy. The Bugs preschool year is coming to a close. 4 more days left for bug. 2 more days left for bee. With working third shift hours, being off on Friday is an advantage for me. I go to sleep sometimes even before 8pm and sleep all night! Last night is my case in point! Now I am up super early and trying to plan my day. Redmosqui, when asked says he just wants to relax. We live near Lowes Motor Speedway and well, it's that time of year again--- Race week. The stopper of all traffic. Getting anywhere takes forever. Eating out takes forever and anything that involves getting anywhere takes forever. Thank goodness I have a house because all hotels are booked to No Vacancy. I think it doubles the population here.

Generally during race week, we try to go the opposite direction. Last night, we had dinner at Red Burrito. My husband had never eaten there and said that it gave him a little taste of being back home. The tacos there apparently did anyway. And well for me, it was just the opposite way the traffic was going. I've eaten there before and know it's delicious.... Anywho, This morning, my husband brought to my attention that a new drive-in theatre opened up in the Charlotte area. Not the direction I want to go in but it made me think about the one I have been to here. It's very cheap, children under 6 get in free. It's $5 per adult. There is wifi access. And Shrek is playing. Tough decision. It's in the WRONG direction and would probably take forever to get there. Looks like I may have to wait until next week.

The reason though, that this is getting blogged about today is because I am sure most areas have these. You just need to research a little bit. They also have older theatres. We have the Gem theatre which opened up originally in 1936, and in 1942 suffered a fire. It was then rebuilt in 1948 and has been standing ever since. I am very big on history (I have a BA in history) and sometimes I really do think I belong in the wrong time. While I love technology, been in the blogging community since the early 2000's..... I do enjoy the more simple things like picking our own fruits, and veggies, open markets, farmers markets. I also enjoy days where we don't have the TV on for a single minute. It happens a time or two during the week and it's so nice. It's hard to believe how things have changed in the last 50 years even. I haven't been to the drive-in for over 7 years, to the Gem for over 5. Time to get back to it.... they are amazingly priced. Almost like going back in time. You can't beat 2 movies at the drive-in, $5-$7 per adult, kids under 6 free, free wifi and it includes 2 new release movies. Not when the average price for 1 adult, 1 new release movie is $10. Right now, I am itching to see the new Robin Hood movie. And Shrek and Iron Man are currently playing there right now. It might be fun... but alas, it looks like race week may put an end to that theory. We could always go see Shrek at the Gem. It's playing there tonight.

So summation: Find some of the past times that are in the present today. They're fun, easy on the wallet and will amaze the kids and you just the same. Perhaps I may even bring my netbook and get some things done when we eventually do go. Hmmm, on second thought, they did not have netbooks (or wifi, with the original drive ins. Let's leave it at home)

Happy Weekend!


Day 2 Day Living said...

Oh how I would love to go to a drive in theater. Gosh it's been years. I am now gonna have to look and see if we have one near us!

Truthful Mommy said...

Great ideas! I have found a drive in in this area too and I think it will bet he way to go this summer!I have goodies for you. Please stop by to collect.
P.S. Thanks for the award you gave me.


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