Sunday, July 04, 2010

Health Issues

I've been blogging recently about my health issues and how I have an undiagnosed condition. My condition is no longer undiagnosed. This is my second night spent in the hospital. Hubby brought my netbook for me so I could stay busy in between morphine doses, IV bag changes ( have 3), and some other diabetic testing. So I get to blog, at least until I pass out since I get morphine every 4 hours. Anyway, I am frustrated. The whole time I was going to the doctor and having tests done, he was looking in the wrong place. Even when I went to the Emergency Room that's a couple of miles from my house, they wouldn't/couldn't figure it out. On Thursday, while we were at my moms house, I almost blacked out from the pain. Red drove us home... he hates driving but I was in no condition to do it. I got Thursday off in exchange for Friday. At work, I was have little black out moments with extreme pain but knowing the ER in my area.... it was recently bought by the Carolina's medical center branch. Before that it was a great, so I decided to go a couple cities away to a private hospital. And that's where I am at right now. It's been hard on my family because I am pretty far away but they are taking care of me here, when they did not take care of me at the other place.

I have pancreatitis. At this point we aren't sure what type it is. If it's treatable with gall bladder removal, or chronic where I will continuously keep getting attacks. So I could be in here for another 3 days, or up to 14 days total, and if they can't figure it out they'll send me to Duke Medical Center. It's very frustrating for me because I've been seeing doctors since January for this. And they were looking in the wrong place. They kept focusing on the fact that I am diabetic, and looking for diabetic things to show up when I told them it didn't have anything to do with my diabetes. In fact, I told them several times they were looking in the wrong place. They even denied my doctor change so coming to a private hospital forced it. Either way, I am not sure what course of action I will take with the other doctors/hospital. I just want to feel better. I want to see my girls and my husband. I want to go to work and see my coworkers. I don't want to be stuck in and out of hospitals forever.

Onto happier moments in time. We had a great time at the beach with my brother, his wife and his two children. We pretty much hung out at the beach. That's all the kids wanted to do. They didn't want to go to stores or go site seeing. So we indulged them. On Tuesday, one of my best friends drove down from a nearby city and hung out with us on the beach. It was so good to see her! We all walked away with wonderful tans too! Mine was sort of a burn-tan, but it's a full tan now. When we got back to my moms house, she had ice cream cake, and regular cake and lots of grilled foods, a few different salads and sides as well. We sang happy birthday to Red and my niece and talked and laughed. It was fun to be with family and friends.That night, my bro treated me and Red to a movie--- Eclipse. It was awesome. The best of the Twilight ones yet. I found out they're doing the last book, Breaking Dawn, into 2 movies. I really don't like that but at least it'll last longer.

Hopefully, I'll get to put pictures up soon. But right now... it's time to doze off. Hope Everyone had a Happy 4th of July!


ParaJunkee said...

That is horrible to hear that you have pancreatitis. Good to hear that you finally know, though. It took I think three times for them to figure out my gallbladder and I had that removed. For surgery it was rather routine I guess, since it was the first time I had ever been in a hospital besides giving birth. I hope everything is better and the news is good.

I have an award for you so hopefully it bring you a little sunshine:

Veronica Lee said...

Hope you're feeling much better now, sweetie. ((hugs))

Glad you had a great time at the beach.

Get well soon!

Tina said...

oh my goodness. sorry to hear you are so ill. gud to know they have finally managed to know what it is and can cure it.

hospitals are horrible. Hope its a few days and not the 14 for you.

good luck :)

Tina from
Mummy Diaries
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Day 2 Day Living said...

You are in my prayers sweety! I hope you get to 100% really soon!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great time. I am so sorry to hear about the pancreatitis. My dad had that once.


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