Sunday, October 17, 2010

Random Family Update!

As busy as I am, I rarely have time to update. Things may change though. I am possibly getting fired at work for what's called a 3 month mover. The 3 months that it was time to look at were July (that's when I was in the hospital), August (surgery) and September (still recovering). They wrote me up for it in October, and I have November to change it. Even I know, you can't change a 3 month number in a month. And they're hiring like crazy. They really don't need me, and at this point... I am going to welcome a break! Red and I decided we'd put me on his health insurance and make it work. I plan to stay unemployed until June because last year we had a big issue in trying to arrange childcare for training, and I just don't want to deal with that again. We've arranged as best as we could. We know I will have my job until at least December 14th, when all the final numbers for November will be out. I paid off the small little credit cards that I use from time to time. Took the balance on my medical bills and put it on a no-interest card for a year. Once we get out tax return back, that will be paid off as well. If I don't lose my job--- great! But if I do, I will miss my coworkers, going to work and my health insurance benefits but it isn't the end of the world. Just the beginning of getting some rest since I have been working nights since Bug was born in 2005. So, that's the work update.

Health update: I got a new doctor. I love him, he is awesome. He put me on the meds I need to be on.. the problem is that I can't afford $150 a month (this is with insurance) for 1 RX. I am on so much medication right now. 23 different pills a day, and then a power I have to mix with a drink. This doesn't include my insulin. It's impossible to afford all of this stuff, which is a worry for us later, but things will work out the way they are supposed to. If I am meant to keep my job, I will. If not... there is another job out there for me. If anything, I will at least be on Red's plan incase of an emergency which probably will happen since I won't have any medication.

Kids update: Both of them had fevers this passed week, with a cough. On Friday, I kept both of them out of school. We laid around and played all morning. Well, I laid around; they played. Then I decided to get them lunch at Sonic since they had these interesting sunglasses the kids wanted in their Kids meals. Then we went to my work. I showed them around. Took them to the cafe and got them a piece of fruit. I had left something there in my desk that was important to me. So we went to get it. Then we stopped at Target for some grocery shopping. I usually shop at Walmart, but Target is the only one that carries the yogurt that I like so once a month we stop in there instead. After Target, we came back home. Put the groceries away. And Red came home a little later. I love having Fridays and Saturdays off. For Red, Friday and Saturday brought on 2 hockey games. He is a big fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins. To celebrate the start of hockey season for him and the girls (they are crazy about Pen's hockey as well) I got them a Mr. Potato Head Pittsburgh Penguin. He's pretty funny. He's missing a tooth, has interchangeable pieces and all for the Pittsburgh Pens. I had a hard time convincing Red to take him out of the package! But he finally agreed to do it..... just not quite yet. Either way, we had a great family night watching the game. I managed to get through half of it though. I fell asleep on the couch, from about 8pm-2am. Woke up, then went upstairs and went back to sleep at 3am-11:30am. Another reason why I am just not that worried about losing my job. I am burned. Somedays to the point where I feel insane. And since the girls haven't been feeling that great, they've been waking up when I get home from work.

I don't mind them waking up. Sometimes it is nice to see them. Share a snack. Talk about their day, etc. It's funny, because it hadn't happened in a while and the other night Bug woke up, and she remembered the last time she woke up at night, we shared Oreos and milk. So, of course I had to do it again. She said it made her feel better, and feel special. I am glad because that's what my mom and I used to do when I let her know I was awake! (I have always been a night owl.) I love sharing pieces of my childhood with my girls. I also got to share another piece of my childhood with them this weekend--- We watched The Last Unicorn! I wasn't sure if they were ready for it, but they loved it! Bee kinda fell asleep since the band America did the soundtrack and it's very Mellow. Bug on the other hand told Red he had to leave her alone so she could watch it. I was about her age when I first saw it. We just kept smiling at each other. I knew she'd love it. Bee picked it out since I told them we weren't watching Dora, we weren't watching Princesses, and we weren't watching Disney. We've overplayed all of those! It was a good time. We also got out this weekend and got pumpkins! Instead of carving, I am going to let them paint them this year. Red is going to carve his for them. That's a task for next weekend though! Bee did one at school already. Below are some pictures of CatBug, and CatBee... and a picture of Bee's Cat Pumpkin that we painted.  It was a fun weekend. I look forward to the last few days of October and the first few of November. The girls have 2 days off, Red has 3 days off. 2 of the days that Red has off, the girls still go to school and that's exciting for us and the girls. As Bee wants her daddy to take her to school. And we'll have morning until afternoon alone... with no kids, two days in a row! It'll be a nice break from the usual. Anyway, I hope all is well. Had a sleepless night and wanted to post!





Veronica Lee said...

Great to know you found an awesome doctor. Love the pics. Your munchkins look really cool with those shades.

Have a blessed Sunday, Queen Bug.

Day 2 Day Living said...

Your kids are so adorable! I am also a night owl. It is so hard for me to sleep at night. I just always have been. Hubby doesn't get it because he can go to bed at 7 and crash right away.

Disney Traveling Family said...

Sorry to hear everyone is not feeling well. Well wishes on the job front. I have been out of work for two years unplanned. At least you have a plan. Tell your girls I just love their sunglasses. I would so walk around sporting those!

Ken said...

Glad to hear you might get some well deserved time off. Sorry you might lose your job. That really sucks since you seem to really like that job. BTW, nice shades on your little girl. Hope the kids get better soon.


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